April 15, 2014

#neon #colors #kylebroflovski #southpark

#neon #colors #kylebroflovski #southpark

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June 22, 2012


Om so everyone is talking about this Arbitrage thing, the Kaisoo fix, it’s like everywhere and everyone’s going “what if life” and stuff… I’m thinking about reading it…

But I don’t know much about exo ;a;

I mean I can recognize all members but I don’t know their personalities much… but since it’s an AU fic it prolly doesn’t matter. 

Ok… whatever, should I read it, guys? .__.

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June 18, 2012

Gif Challenge~


1. open gif folder

2. use every 3rd gif


1. Your parent’s reaction to your birth:


2. Your first day home:

3. Your first memory:

Fuck yeah~

4. Your first birthday:

5. Learning to walk:


6. Learning to talk:

*Trolling my parents*

7. First day of school:

I was… sleeping?

8. First friend:


9. Learning that there is no santa:


10. First day of middle school:

Seems like I got raped ._. By Siwon

11. First day of high school:

…now I am Siwon~ xD

12. Reaction to scary freshman rumors:

Shit doesn’t matter, I’m dancing~

13. How your best friends see you:

omg it’s true, I’m Yeye xD

14. How you see your best friends:

hahahahaha xD

15. How you see your enemies:

16. How your enemies see you:

hahahaha XDD

17. Learning to drive:

fuck this shit is easy, bitches~

18. Reaction to graduating:

that must be pretty much it… 

19. Reaction to getting into the college you want:


20. When you graduate from college:

Oh yeah, school thought me that~

21. When you get your dream job:


22. What you do at that job:

I’m a …prostitute ._.

23. Your reaction to getting proposed to:


24. Getting married:

omg wut

25. Reaction to having your first child:

lol, idgaf xD

26. Your first child:


27. When you retire from your job:

I’m still as pretty~

28. Reaction to your kids sending you to a nursing home:

Gonna kill those bitches~ 

29. How you die:


30. How people react to your funeral:

31. You in the after life:

Ohhhhkay I’m a bring some boners into Hyuk’s ass xD

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June 14, 2012

Does anyone know where this is from?

This gif. It’s actually the place where we met Super Junior in Paris, except they didnt do this when we saw them. So this must be when they got out of the vans… either way; Please help me. I wanna know where it is from! ;A;

Does anyone know?

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May 3, 2012

more edits

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April 30, 2012

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A quick, lazy fuck-ass edit ._.

A quick, lazy fuck-ass edit ._.

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April 25, 2012

(via pervingonsj)

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